How to Access Watch5`s Temperature Sensor?


I am a beginner developer and I want to develop an application that uses the Watch 5’s temperature sensor. I want to develop an app that measures body temperature and shows it in real time with the Watch 5. Currently, the Watch 5 only provides a function to predict menstrual cycle by measuring body temperature during sleep. When I looked at the Samsung Health API, I saw that there is a temperature item, but I don’t know how to use it.

Can I take my skin temperature in real time with the Watch 5 and use the values?

Check out the blog tutorials for Wear OS Health that may help you.

On Wear OS watches the documentation is on Android Developer Site Health Services is being replaced by Health Connect
and there is a link in that overview to the Data type and one is
BodyTemperatureRecord Captures the body temperature of a user.

Look for some code labs on the Android developer site.

I hope this helps you.

Samsung Developer Relations