How to insert a Timer in a Watch face

Hi to all,

I’m using Watch face studio to create watch faces for my Galaxy Watch 4, but I’m not able to add a timer to a watch face as one preinstalled watch face.

The best result that I obtained was to insert a complication in Edit mode that after the launch on the device, after a tap on it, I can select the timer app to associate to it, but when the timer starts, the time on the watch face doesn’t procede to the count down, but it’s stop to a last time of the timer visualized in the timer app.

Is there any way to insert a timer that reports in the watch face the countdown?


Someone will need to create a custom complication for that. There are several Wear OS timers but I don’t know if any of them have a complication for theirs.

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I found this thread Timer and Heart Rate Monitor App IDs (and other default app)? but i don’t know to do that on my watch face from Watch face studio

I found a better way, create a monochromatic image complication There is a timer complication associated with that which opens a timer.

For custom IDs you create and image (or text block) and associate an action with it.
custom app ID

You should only use custom IDs for your own personal use as they can and often do change as apps (especially built in apps) are updated in an OS Version.

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I cannot find the Action tab on Watch face studio, where is it?

I tried the Monochromatic image for a timer and it worked pretty well, but it only showed the digital time down in full mode. when you go back to the watch face the hourglass just flips every second and an alarm when it ends.

You have to have an image or a text box not one in a complication already. Then scroll down in the properties to the very end and you will see the Action. It doesn’t show unless you scroll the properties.

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I made a little video with the result I need to obtain

Is it possible to have the countdown of the timer under a write “Timer”

I found it and that is a Long Text complication and it is not working correctly. All complications should be updated for a new Wear OS version (Mandatory by August) hopefully that is one updated sooner.

The reason the factory built one works is that it has access to lower level programming interface that is not available to all developer.

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