In app purchase failed when using IAP_GALAXYAPPS_COMMERCIAL_MODE

My app that incorporated in-app purchase was rejected. After I checked, the api returns ‘This product does not exists’ when purchase is made. I already make sure that the product ID is correct and no error is happened when I’m using IAP_GALAXYAPPS_SUCCESS_TEST_MODE.
The same thing happens when I ask for the list of in-app items. I got my item id when using IAP_GALAXYAPPS_SUCCESS_TEST_MODE but I got error ‘product does not exists’ when using IAP_GALAXYAPPS_COMMERCIAL_MODE.
Is it because my app haven’t live in store ? But if that’s the case why the tester reject my app ?

In order to use Commercial Mode your app has to be live or released via a Closed Beta.
If possible, please share the rejection report you have received from certification team. This will help us understand the rejection cause. If you prefer, you can open a Support Request with this information:

I created a beta test and try it on my watch, but when I try to purchase, it either hang/crash. After the message ‘use phone to complete transaction’ nothing is shown in my phone