Watch cannot connect to wifi

Hey everyone! I just finished creating my 3rd watch face, and I really like it! However, my family just upgraded the wifi, which gave us a new wifi ID and password. The password includes a - in it, and because of this, I cannot connect to the wifi on my watch. Is there any way I can upload the design to my watch without wifi? Or, is there a way I can upload the design to my watch then move it over via bluetooth? I’ve searched around the forums for the answer, but I haven’t gotten any luck.

Hi @jon1602620845,

You can also connect your watch to GWS through bluetooth (SDBOverBT method). Follow the instruction below,

[Notice, if the Tizen version of your watch is 5.x.x.x, SDBOverBT wouldn’t work for you.]

  1. Make sure that both your phone and watch have the developer and debugging mode turned on.
  2. Install sdboverbt_160523.apk into your phone. You can get this file from the \Program Files\Galaxy Watch Studio\tizen\tools.
  3. Connect your watch to your phone through Bluetooth and then connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  4. Open sdb over BT on your phone, tap SELECT DEVICE FOR DEBUGGING , and select the watch that you want to connect to.
  5. At this stage, keep a close look on your watch, a pop up will be shown to accept the RSA key and you have to accept it very quickly as it will stay for a few seconds. If you miss, it will never come back.
  6. After accepting the RSA key, your watch will be connected to GWS automatically.
  7. Open the Run on Device panel in Galaxy Watch Studio, select your phone from the device list to add the watch connected to that phone. Then select the watch on the list to connect it to Galaxy Watch Studio.

If those steps do not resolve your problem or you don’t see the RSA key pop up, reboot your watch by holding the home key button pressed for about 15 seconds or until it says rebooting. After that try the steps above again and it will solve your problem eventually.


When you go to enter your password swipe right to open alternative keyboards the punctuation one (with ! icon) has the hyphen and you can enter that as your password.

Samsung Developer Relations