Incompatible device and manifest

I’m still dealing with incompatible issue with Google Play listing.

Below is reply from Google support,

I’ve looked into your issue and found that your app is not compatible with the Galaxy S10 to a conflict in your app’s manifest with the following feature: .

For more information about implied features, visit our developer site at <uses-feature>  |  Android Developers

Can we modify manifest with WFS? I still don’t get what does phone compatibility has anything to do with Wear OS content.

WFS sets that in the manifest by default. It is mentioned in this seller portal note

: The following information should be included in the manifest file for app registration for Wear OS.
<uses-feature android:name="" />
(When utilizing 'Android Studio, Watch Face Studio, or Galaxy Watch Studio Converter to create content, the information is included as default. )

I think you just didn’t have your Watch4 as the paired watch in your phone. That would give that error in the Play Store.

Samsung Developer Relations

You can check it here on Windows


There are two files, one in editor folder is more important I think.

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WFS dev team has looked into it and can’t find any conflict. Play store is also looking into the issue further.

SM-R890 is paired with Fold 3, Chrome browser recognizes the watch but not the Play app.

I think there is a communication issue between Galaxy Wearable and Google Play on Fold 3. As I mentioned in this post that I can’t find any watch faces made from WFS on Fold 3 and there are no watch and watch face subcategories in the search result. Same search on S10 shows many watch faces made with WFS.

I don’t know if this is an unique problem on my Fold 3 or all Fold 3 users are experiencing the same issue.