Indexes not showing

I just d/l version 1.4.20 and discovered that the Indexes in the Time Component. Is this a BUG or has it been deleted. If not, how do I get it to show the indexes again?

JC Willette

The index for time is not deleted. Could you please share more details or any images what issue you are facing?

Are you talking about your personal indexes or the sample ones? If it is your personal ones and you have them in the WFS folder it may have forgotten the location.

By the way always reboot your computer after WFS installation in case something is cached.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have found them by double clicking on the index even though it has an x on the right side

Sorry about this Yes the Index has an x. The analog and digital selections opens a drop down box that is why they have an arrow. The index doesn’t that is why it has the x.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you for the clarification and thank you for the quick response.