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Why does GWS 2.0 continue to scan for my watch, even after the watch has successfully connected?

I guess it continues to scan the subnet for there could be even other devices available for connection and upload. For example I used to test watch faces on my gear S3 with original firmware and same time on my friends updated S3.

Because you didn’t click on it to select that watch.

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Oh, I’ve clicked on it, selected my watch and loaded (RUN ON DEVICE) watchfaces to my watch. It still continues to scan ad infinitum.:thinking:

I’m saying when you get to the spot where it says connected Watch and shows an icon and Galaxy Watch Active2 you click on that and it stops searching.
I build,
I select Run on Device
I pick my watches IP address and select that
my watch shows on the list
and I select it.
It starts to load onto the watch.

It always stops when I click on the watch from the list but if I don’t it keeps on spinning for a while as it searches for more devices. Maybe I need to try it again, I may be remembering an older GWD process and having a blind spot in my brain :slight_smile: . I need to try this from my personal computer as I can’t connect from within Samsung network. If it doesn’t stop for you let me know.

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