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This may belong in the Galaxy Watch Forum, but since I need an answer for Galaxy Watch Designer…

Is there a way to assign a static ip address in the watch itself (Active 2, Tizen I have a static address assigned on my router but each time I turn on wifi in the watch it grabs a random ip address, which changes each time when connecting the watch to GWD. It is a bit annoying to manually look up the ip adress on the watch so that the two will connect. Scanning for device in GWD is mostly useless.

Thank you.

Hi Mo
Truth be told my watch face has had the same Ip address for at least 6 to 8 months.
if you have used a static Ip address in your router settings it is your router which is not doing its job right.
Also static Ip addresses are mostly used for devices which mostly stay on most of the time (file servers, Printers) most of time these are ethernet connected
Static Ip addresses also would not know what frequency to use 2.4Ghz or 5.0Ghz
Remember the watch only works at 2.4Ghz.
You probably need to get in touch with the manufacturer for more inputs.

Hi Mo,

Did you consider using SDBoverBT to connect to your watch? It avoids all the hassles such as yours and firewall issues.

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My watch acquires a different IP address each time I turn on it’s WiFi.

Thanks but I may as well just look up the watch’s ip. Same “inconvenience” as manually having to connect phone to PC USB to use SDBoverBT.

Yes, you can assign internal static IP to all your devices that are connected to your home/office WIFI network. It is done through your WIFI router settings.

GWS remembers manually entered IP addresses. So once you have internal IP assigned to your watches, you just need to manually enter IP address once in GWS.

Hi Mo
When assigning a static Ip address, please make sure DHCP is shut off for that device,(the watch) on your network settings in your router.
maybe you need to check that