Issues in message search

Does anyone have any idea what should I change to fix this issue? It started happening when I switched to the new 12.0.15w.1, and it occurs on both Android 11 and 12, with all the themes I submit.

There are so many bugs with 15w.1 that there’s no way you should be able to get a theme approved using that version of the tool. Wait until the next version; I am suprised they haven’t released it yet because all of the bugs have been reported.

Your Android 11 themes should not be affected though, just A12. A11 tool was not changed much with this latest release.

That’s the thing, I’m not even uploading for A12 anymore, because I had 3 exact same issues with 7 different themes (posted them about 10 days ago). I only upload for A11 now ,and again, I had multiple themes rejected because of this messages thing. And it doesn’t only happen on Fold, it happens on other devices too.

In fact, with the release of the new theme editor, they broke it even for version 11. You just need to wait for a new release. I don’t understand why not make a test version first in parallel with a really working theme studio, and after fixing the errors, close access to the old version.

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