Making apps that look like the built-in apps

Hi, I just got my Galaxy Watch Active 2 and I’ve spent the last few days getting the development environment set up. I was wondering if it is possible to make the UI of your own apps look like the built-in apps on the watch. For example the circular progress indicators on pretty much all built-in apps have rounded ends etc. I would think it would be greatly beneficial to distribute the UI libraries to 3rd party developers where they could create their apps so that they would look like they belong on the device.

Are any of the built-in apps open source?

Go to the tutorial on Design Principles

Then narrow it down to the UI Components

And also download the Design Resources

I think the design resources are what you want but you should read it all.

Hope this helps
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Thank you for these, I’ve seen most of these. The problem is that these do tell what the applications should look like and how they should behave, but the underlying UI components available in the SDK don’t really help you in achieving this look and feel. Or at least I haven’t been able to find them. The Circular UI components for .NET are really great in helping you get close to these, but falls a bit short. For example the circular progress indicators I mentioned. The UI libraries do help you in creating them, but do not provide all the visual flair the examples indicate. For example the rounded corners etc.