My app is Content Review Delayed

I submitted my application for review on 31/08/2022. But as of today September 15, 2022, my applications have not been approved. Can you tell me the reason? I tried opening a 1:1 request but got no response. Thank you for your interest.

There are others with the same issue. They apparently are checking new content and new developers much more now than in the past. Give it 10 business days and if it doesn’t change contact the seller [portal again.

Samsung Developer Relations

Have your apps been accepted? or are they still under review?

What’s news?!?!
Have U received an approval from them, or the situations is still delayed?

I gave up on Samsung. It took me 3 months to get my commercial merchant request approved and now when my request is approved my application is not being reviewed. I no longer wanted to work with Samsung. It took me too long. I recommend looking for new platforms.

The strange thing is that they accept each other’s apps. Why do you accept them?
It’s the summit of absurdity my bro.