My app on review is Content Review Delayed

I submitted my application for review on 2024-02-12. but still in review. A message shown at dashbord, Content Review Delayed. What is the reason and how to solve it. Please guide. Thank you for your interest.

Yes, it is very late

I think it’s the end of the Samsung store

Especially when accounts were blocked from posting content
Everyone has to change their status to commercial companies

-Vulgarity Deleted by moderator

Your content was flagged for some reason. Most commonly it is because you are not a Corporate Commercial sell which has been required for some time.
Corporate means a business that is validated by the D&B D-U-N-S
Commercial means you must have validate Banking information.
For both of those you still be an independent or single person developer.

This is not unusual request in modern businesses.

Samsung Developer Relations

now I have another problem in my account, after validating the banking information, I received this message “Cancelled E-Mail address from Seller Portal. Please re-enter.” every time I log in to my account, please how to solve this problem