Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Hello, I am French and I use google translate.
my problem is that i am using galaxy watch studio which worked fine between my mate 10 pro and my Gear S3 Frontier. It still works between my Gear S3 Frontier and my S21. On the other hand, I gave my mate 1 pro to my wife and bought her a Galaxy Watch Active. And there problem the mate 10 pro is well recognized but impossible under SDBOVERBT to recognize the watch.
The message “please chek SPP connection or paring”.
I have enabled debugging on the watch and the phone. If anyone could help me, thank you.

I assume you mean Active2 and it runs Tizen 5.5 compared to Tizen 4.x which the older watches use. For some reason the SDBoverBT app does not recognize Galaxy Active2 or Galaxy Watch3 I think it is the Tizen 5.5 OS but it may be the SDBoverBT app doesn’t work right.

Anyway the only way to connect is by WiFi connection. If you have an issue see FAQ 23 and if it doesn’t help let me know I’ve seen all the issues.

Samsung Developer Relations