Old Zirconia library

I am using your zirconia library (https://developer.samsung.com/galaxy/zirconia/how-to-protect-your-app-using-zircornia) for protect my app “BoxToGo Pro” from illegal copy.

From Android 6.0 there is an issue, because your class com.samsung.zirconia.DevInfoRetriever needs permission for READ_PHONE_STATE for retrieving IMEI. From Android 6.0 my app must explicitly claim the right from the user, otherwise the app crashes with an error. If the user rejects the authorization, the copy protection no longer works.

From Android 10 the method TelephonyManager.getDeviceId() is deprecated. You use this in com.samsung.zirconia.DevInfoRetriever

I think you need to address this on an Android Developer Site regarding privacy changes.

See THIS PAGE regarding TelephonyManager.get DeviceId() being deprecated.

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I know, deviceId() is deprecated.
But your library “zirconia” uses this function!
Please update your library and make it compatible to Android 10.

Or please tell me, how can I copy protect my Android App before uploading it to Galaxy Apps?

I found one person in support that thought Zirconia was deprecated in 2014 no one else had ever heard of it.

Have you looked into Android DRM I assume that has replaced the Zirconia.

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That may be.
But for Android DRM or Google licensing the app needs Google Play Store or Services.
How can my App can contact Galaxy Apps and check of the App is purchase or piracy copied?

Can you please answer my question. Thank you very much.
Or is there no solution for copy protect apps uploaded to Galaxy Apps?
If so, everybody can copy the apk without paying for it!!!

As far as I know you can not copy and install an Android package on another device.

But I am not an Android developer and you should bring the subject up on the Android Developers Forum on how they do DRM.

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You can copy apk file to other devices without problems, unless the developer builds in a purchase check.
This check has to be done at the respective App Store.
So I have to rely on a library that is provided by Samsung and allows this check.
In the past this was “zirconia”, is there no successor? Please ask internally, only someone from your company can answer the question.

I asked around and was told

Zirconia DRM was deprecated, there is no plan as of now that we are aware to have a successor or other library that could help in this case.

I’m not an Android developer but I assume there is an Android feature that does this. Every other library I’ve seen that has been deprecated was because Android had the feature.

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Only Samsung itself knows who bought my app. So only Samsung can provide a library and protect it effectively against unauthorized copying of my app.
Every other App Shop (Google, Amazon, Huawei) offers this protection and checks live the purchase.
Please ask a colleague what I can do in this case.
Otherwise I would have to remove my app from Galaxy Apps!

I’ll look into this more and see if someone can explain it to me so I can assure you that your content is safe.

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I was told that the store does not have any DRM library. It is Android DRM and it should work on Samsung store apps…

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