Overlapping Buttons Okay?

I’m designing an array of images of circles, and the circles are close to each other, and act as buttons. At 71 pixels square, they act well as buttons but their corners do overlap a bit. Would overlapping buttons pass muster with the approvers if it were published?

Hi @dlo1579881831 , if they are transparent buttons you should not have a problem, if they are normal images it may be that it does not pass the test, anyway it is better if you correct the error before publishing, because if it manages to pass the review, a client could find out and write to you a few star review

Thanks, Scott. Here you can see the buttons in close proximity, and the buttons work even with a slight overlap on some of the corners. The images are transparent outside the circles.


The top layer button will have priority so make the one that is going to be hit the most top layer. And avoid any button that has 4 overlapping corners unless it is the top layer. My guess is it will pass review but try to keep the overlap as small as possible,

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I guess it will pass if you do not point it out somehow. People tend to hit centre of the supposed touch area, so small overlap should not harm.
As alternative, if you in doubt, you could also make one image with all the circles as colorful “background”, and the buttons as smaller transparent squares that do not overlap at all.