Play Console Order Disappeared

I’ve just noticed that an order disappeared from the list. It was made about half an hour ago. Has anyone noticed something like that in their consoles?

Today WFS new version has been released. Have you checked with the new one?

I have still not tried the new WFS Version released today.

I have noticed also play console behave erratically today and since yesterday. All reviews are not counted
statistics shown are not correct .

Instead of all combined rating its showing only of 1 review.

Play console is really a piece of work.
Stupid and crappy bugs like
install button missing
watchface tag missing

play console wear os team has no clue how to improve their processes. The stable phone playstore console app shows also not correct data. im going to try their beta play console app today.

The play console web borwser version also is not showing correct statistics. With so many issues already i will wait and stay on older WF Studio 1.13.13

i cannot afford more bugs like rejections in play console which i have read still there in latest watchface studio.