Play Store issue: no "watch face tag"

And here we are again. It lacks at such simple stuff. Which company wanna build devices for WearOS when this is the standard of Service?

I’ve always wondered why other companies prefer to use their own OS (Asus, One Plus, etc.) for their watches rather than a pre-built OS like WearOS.

But yeah … who likes to sail in the fog.

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As I just had my first release please tell me guys - The dropdown option on Play Store takes time to update itself and be visible? Same with a/m tag issue?

The dropdown option still seems to work… Usually after 2 days it will be visible on the Play Store.

For many other things, with Google you need a “crystal ball”.

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So, it’s already been over a month and they still haven’t fixed that (usual) bug.

All new watch faces are literally invisible on Play Store.

This is Google’s “ROI”.


The Tags are back :star_struck: . Finally!


Wow! It’s definitely good news… However, I’m personally very stressed by all these issues… After 6 years of developing watch faces, after having achieved many successes and having created some standards in this world where so many have benefited, I must say that Google has drained my energy. Google has no respect for developers, only problems. I regret Samsung and Galaxy Store. I am living a nightmare. They made me run out of creativity and develop new watch faces.

Samsung, where are you? :pensive:


I totally agree.
Samsung is definitely better at operating the store.
Even when the watchface is returned, Samsung explains why, including images or videos.
Not to mention the comfortable installation of buyers.
I miss the Galaxy Store.


Looks like the issue with missing tags is either back, or it just appears at random.

Released two watch faces a week ago - first one got the “Watch face” tag after only 2 days, while the second one still doesn’t have it. :expressionless:

Wrote to Google dev support, got the identical response as any other time - “An algorithm decides what tags to show/not show”, and that they’re “unable to give more information at this time”. :ok_hand:

Yep. I prefer not to add further comments :person_facepalming:

Since last 7 days i have noticed that

  1. New watchface i published on 20 May has still not recieved Watchface Tag.

  2. There is No dropdown Install button visible which used to be available after around 2 days watchface was published.

  3. This has resulted in Negative response from users who donot care to read instructions and guide on how to install via web browsers.

Google Wear OS Team is incompetent and cant handle their
… I have improved and learned how to create watchface and upload it. BUT every month there is some new crap thrown towards developers. And we suffer from their incompetency.

I can improve my processses but i cant still fix download button issues which seems to have returned again like when new Google watch release was coming.

I dont like it saying but eminent release of Google Watch 2 and Watch 6 Samsung series can be a reason . Also play console is still evolving and updated with new changes that create more problems of us.

Google has failed to improve its own processes with incompetent staff who sends pre recorded responses sent to us. They create un necessary hurdles by throwing rejections and bugs at us which dont exist.

By the way i have also noticed their message which says it may take more than 7 days to review. we are overloaded with work processes. This is realy disappointing after 2 years of Watch4 series launch we are still worried about how to tell a user to install the watchface. And most users are naive enough to differentiate between Google’s mess and Bugs from Developer.

Its really disappointing . blood pressure raising. and insimply dont know what to tell the users about it. I have stopped releasing coupons of new watchfaces and also relasing new ones. Its simply has been creating more headaches.

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Yeah I don’t know, same with me, having so much problems and when I finally have the will to create and try again I realize how useless this endeavor is.

I have also been making watch faces since 2017 and I don’t see any hope with this platform. There is simply no visibility at all for new faces. And when a user finally stumbles onto a watch face they are met with endless issues trying to install it etc.

Samsung was probably the 2nd largest in the world by far with wearables and so many people i know had galaxy watches, but the store now is really putting such a negative cloud on the whole ecosystem. And Google does not seem to care at all.


I do not know if this is the case bit this is also what happened with Galaxy Watch Store when a new Tizen version was coming out. They review team tests all the previous content combinations for compatibility so when the new Tizen version was released the old content would be available.

For those not used to this, when a new watch came out anyone that had released a new Watch Face in the past month had to manually update the the content settings, to have their new watch face be visible like the older ones were.


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I see that all the issues are still there. This way it is impossible to work decently with watch faces on Play Store… Guys, start thinking differently… Play Store is a mess


7 days plus and still no watchface tag or download button on last 2 latesf watchfaces. This is such a mess. Google cant seems to control it. crapping on everything.

I contacted Play Console 4 days ago about it but they dont even seemed bothered to reply via email . I am tired and on edge due to these bugs with which google plays hide and seek with us time and time again.

nonsense installation play store issues and dealing with users who donot have basic knowledge about wear os and use smartwatches.

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I just sent an email asking why my new watch faces don’t get the proper tag.
The more people write about the problems it poses, the more likely it is that something will happen with it.
Will see.

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My last couple of faces as well. Getting mails from people that say they cannot download it on their watch.

This is a mess, I fear this is not viable anymore. What was teething problems in the beginning is now almost 2 years of frustration for us and our customers and not funny anymore.


I thought with the Pixel Watch everything would be better in the Playstore, but no …

Same here. Watch face tag is missing on all releases from May 19 so Google messed something up again

@r.liechty_SDR, can you get in touch with Google once again?

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The device selection is also missing. Publication of the watchface on May 31, 2023.

Once the next version of Watch Face Studio is released I can contact my contact who has a contact in Play Store. :slight_smile: