Play Store issue: no "watch face tag"

And here we are again. It lacks at such simple stuff. Which company wanna build devices for WearOS when this is the standard of Service?

I’ve always wondered why other companies prefer to use their own OS (Asus, One Plus, etc.) for their watches rather than a pre-built OS like WearOS.

But yeah … who likes to sail in the fog.

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As I just had my first release please tell me guys - The dropdown option on Play Store takes time to update itself and be visible? Same with a/m tag issue?

The dropdown option still seems to work… Usually after 2 days it will be visible on the Play Store.

For many other things, with Google you need a “crystal ball”.

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So, it’s already been over a month and they still haven’t fixed that (usual) bug.

All new watch faces are literally invisible on Play Store.

This is Google’s “ROI”.


The Tags are back :star_struck: . Finally!


Wow! It’s definitely good news… However, I’m personally very stressed by all these issues… After 6 years of developing watch faces, after having achieved many successes and having created some standards in this world where so many have benefited, I must say that Google has drained my energy. Google has no respect for developers, only problems. I regret Samsung and Galaxy Store. I am living a nightmare. They made me run out of creativity and develop new watch faces.

Samsung, where are you? :pensive:


I totally agree.
Samsung is definitely better at operating the store.
Even when the watchface is returned, Samsung explains why, including images or videos.
Not to mention the comfortable installation of buyers.
I miss the Galaxy Store.


Looks like the issue with missing tags is either back, or it just appears at random.

Released two watch faces a week ago - first one got the “Watch face” tag after only 2 days, while the second one still doesn’t have it. :expressionless:

Wrote to Google dev support, got the identical response as any other time - “An algorithm decides what tags to show/not show”, and that they’re “unable to give more information at this time”. :ok_hand:

Yep. I prefer not to add further comments :person_facepalming: