Portal Customer Support Maintains 100% Question Rejection Rate

It’s an impressive accomplishment that Customer support can maintain a 100% rejection rate on questions I’ve submitted for 4 years. Rejected this time because I didn’t provide the country, even though they know from my account what country I am in! Crazy, because I provided all of the following info, yet they don’t want to research…

Error message: Cannot Update theme error code T500001, contact customer support
Theme Content Id and Name: provided
Galaxy Themes Version
Galaxy Themes Service Version:
Phone Model: Galaxy Note 9 Model SM-N960U
One UI Version 2.5
Android Version 10
All software current and updated.
Screen shot of theme and error message provided as attachment.

That’s way more information than they should need, but they love finding a way to kick back and close tickets quickly. They must get a nice bonus on being able to close all tickets within 5 minutes of receipt. :slight_smile:

A customer complained and I got the same error message when I tried to download the updated theme. Anyone else seen this error message? It’s only on one theme!