QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission declaration

The new notification has just started to appear on all dials created in WFS.

I verified this in app bundle explorer and WFS watch faces really use QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission.
This means that from the first of April we will have about 2 months to meet the conditions in the new section added to the “App Content”

  1. A description of the core feature in your app that requires use of this permission.
  2. A short video showing the core feature in your app that requires this permission.

Can someone from the WFS team clarify to the developers for
a) describe core feature in our watch faces that requires use of this permission
b) how we can explain it with short video ?

Is this permission really needed in our watch faces?

More info:
Permissions and APIs that Access Sensitive Information - Play Console Help (google.com)
Preview: Use of the broad package (App) visibility (QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES) permission - Play Console Help (google.com)

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Every week a new requirement. That’s no fun. :woozy_face:

As it looks, it’s all WF with a companoin app.

WF Without companoin App

WF with companoin App

Maybe it’s showing only for these apps because phone app is used too but problematic permission is included only in the watch face .aab file (check app bundle explorer)

Oh okay is right. The WF where no message is not updated with WFS 1.1.9. So is not the Companion App guilty

For me, it’s showing for all watch faces, no matter which WFS version was used. 1.0.3 / 1.0.12 / 1.1.9. Maybe you just inadvertently archived the message, can you take a look?

The SG-90, SG-20, SG-77, SG-59 was not updated with 1.1.9. and have no Companion App and have no entry and no message. In my opinion, it seems to be either at the WFS version or at the Companion App

Yeah, can confirm. So this is because system checks for phone packages mainly. Problematic is however still our watch face package… :confused:

WFS version is not important.

I did the following. Update SG-97 and Companion App excluded. I’m waiting for result

It doesn’t matter, this message will still be showing for you as it’s just a notice. But starting from 5th of April, you will need to add this.

  1. A description of the core feature in your app that requires use of this permission.
  2. A short video showing the core feature in your app that requires this permission.

I believe only case this wont be needed is when uploading only wear os app & no companion app. Wear os package will be violating their rules but maybe play console system wont check it. It will only be a matter of time before they figure it out and also suspend the wear os package. Therefore, I write that it is necessary to fix this in WFS as soon as possible and eliminate the problematic permission.

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Yes you are right. It has no difference after the update.


If I can add another news today … The payments profile seems to have been blocked and has not updated the revenue for several hours … :laughing:

They do not want us anymore!

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The QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission was added for normal operation of app-shortcut complication before.
Now I confirmed that the permission is no longer required, so it will be removed from next WFS release.

Thank you for the report!


Means we have to rebuild all our designs with the new version later this year?

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Hi. You have to do it by the 1st of June. Let’s hope the new WFS update comes out before April 5.

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I was happy to help! :slight_smile:

As far as I understand, Google’s announcement seems to require that all of your watch faces be updated after being rebuilt to the next WFS version. I am sorry about that.

And the fix will be managed in the urgent release track.


I saw that the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission was removed and updated.
Is there an option to drop the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission?
The WFS version has not been updated yet.
I wonder how. :smiling_face_with_tear:

You can’t drop it, what you can do is wait for the next update. Then build all your watchfaces with that latest WFS and reupload them on Playstore. @AIwatch