Cannot update watch faces without "QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES" (WFS1.1.14) on Play Store

I was trying to update Play Store app with the new WFS 1.1.14 to remove “QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES” from the manifest.

Google Play Console DOES NOT allow me to update the new release because the “old” watch faces, created with WFS 1.1.9, include QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES in the manifest and asks for sample videos and various information that I cannot give because they do not exist; I don’t know what to declare and what kind of videos they require for our watch faces.

I should just update the watch faces WITHOUT QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES (as expected from WFS 1.1.14) but it seems impossible.

So, new issues on Google Play Console.

Basically it seems that all apps created with WFS 1.1.9 or earlier CANNOT be updated on the Google Play Console.

How to do ?!

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Hi @Matteo_Dini ,
these packages (created with 1.1.14), are you uploading them / publishing them to multiple tracks ?

Hi @amoledwatchfaces

yes, I created new releases (watch face + phone) with higher version code but it won’t allow me to go forward because it requires information on the current release (created with WFS 1.1.9).

The same is happening to me, I removed the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission and now it shows a message about a deobfuscation file.


I found a solution (I hope):

Under “main purpose” I wrote:

“The QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission was added for normal operation of app-shortcut complication on watch face.”

  • After I selected “App Features”

  • And I sent a 20 second video from WFS where I click on a shortcut on watch face and the message related to that shortcut is displayed.

After I was able to send the new watch face version as always and I hope it is updated and released.


Yes, I confirm.
The watch face was released normally after doing those steps.

this i managed to solve, now it shows an app bundle deobfuscation file message, and it won’t let me send the app to production

@Matteo_Dini I mean, are you updating in both production / internal test ? Because if I remember correctly, Google stated QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES needs to be removed in “all tracks”.

Edit: I see that you managed to solve it. I was just trying to help :slight_smile:

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@amoledwatchfaces Ah ok … No, only production. Thank you!

Anyway, with the steps I wrote above it is possible to pass this “block”.

I’ve already tested two watch faces and managed to update and Google released them after a few minutes.

I have this on all my watch faces now. I haven’t the faintest idea what that means. I am absolutely not familiar with this. Something new that Google has come up with. I’m starting to despair.

I also have the same problem.
Google does not allow to update the watch face.
And I’m not sure what to write in the Description section.

So. I followed Matteo’s tips. Thanks Matteo.

I put together a short video showing me tapping some shortcuts on the watch screen. (Video no longer than 30 seconds).

In the description of the form I wrote:

Ermöglicht das Ausführen von Shortcuts auf dem Display der Uhr.
Das folgende Video ist für alle meine Watch Faces stellvertretend.

Allows you to run shortcuts on the watch display.
The following video is representative of all my Watch Faces.

I ticked the reason: Functions of the app.

Apparently that’s okay as it has already been accepted at 3 Watch Faces.

You did this in which version of wfs? Did you send youtube links?

The question that comes to my mind, is it the Google Store or the Watchfacestudio version? I had immediately updated all watchfaces with the 1.1.13 (before shortly after the 1.1.14 was released) With the 1.1.13 I could easily update all my WF without extra effort. What is the reason now. At the version or has Google changed something again in the meantime?

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Version 1.1.13

My last watch face was created with 1.1.14
With the newest version, there is no need for fill in the questionnaire

Version 1.1.13 was released one day before version 1.1.14. This was the first version that should fix the query problem. However, there was a preview problem here, but you could work around it with your own screenshot. Version 1.1.14 was then released one day later to again fix this bug. But I had already updated all my watchfaces with version 1.1.13 and uploaded them to Google without any problems. That’s why my question right now. Google or version. But well, there is after all already a solution for this problem.

I can’t say exactly which version I updated my Watch Faces with. It took me a couple of weeks to update all watch faces with a phone app. It may be that even the version before 1.1.13 was included.

Be that as it may, Google asks a lot, but offers little. It’s really a tragedy that you have to create phone apps so that the Watch Faces can be found and downloaded at all.
And sorry for having to say this: I don’t get any backing from Samsung on this matter either, but also my permission to sell Watch Faces for Tizen. But that’s another topic and off-topic and I’ll discuss that on another occasion.

I can confirm. I also updated my WF with version 1.1.13. No problems here.


From April 5h (yesterday), an automatic check on all apps with “QueryAllPackages” has started on the Play Console. That’s why you were able to update before that date. It doesn’t matter if the watch faces have been updated with WFS 1.1.13 or 1.1.14.

If your watch faces are already updated to at least WFS 1.1.13 before April 5th, you won’t see that “message / block”.

We need to update all Watch Faces before June 1st to avoid app suspensions.
My advice is update all watch faces to the latest WFS version.

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Has your review team ever rejected an update because of your phone app?
I don’t understand what a scam is.
A simple helper app.

Seriously, Google servers and review team don’t understand.

If you raise an objection, the app will be suspended.
Your developer account may be deleted.

I’m really afraid of app updates.

You have to raise an objection by attaching a video that says it is not a scam app every day.
Release the stop.

Even though there are only 10 watch faces in the Google Store, I am like this.

Another developer who has uploaded many watchfaces
I was wondering if during a version update an app review was never rejected for pointless reasons because of the phone app.