The Google Play Store doesn't show apps on mobile devices, but on the desktop web

Hello everyone,
I’m having a problem for quite some time that I don’t know how to fix.
Our watch face store on Google Play does not show developer related apps at all when accessing the mobile store.
I’ve searched but it doesn’t work. Hope everyone can help me.
Thank you very much.

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I found out a few days ago, it is in one of their docs (there are lots of docs).

Basically apps and watchfaces will only show up on phone playstore if your app or watchface have a phone companion app. If your app or watchface does not have a phone companion they will only be displayed on the smartwatch playstore or on the browser playstore…

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So how do I get the companion app on my phone. Do you have any detailed instructions?

That isn’t correct. It shows quicker on the mobile app if there is a bundled binary. They are not companion apps that is a misnomer in my opinion.

Google has a policy against apps that are ads only and this may come back to bite anyone if they had created a true companion app not a bundled app.

Samsung Developer Relations.

It just takes longer to propagate the Watch Face app to play store search than the mobile apps and that is the issue. Almost every time someone says they didn’t create a “companion app” and it didn’t show up by the time they write me the watch face name I can find it.

anyway send me your watch face name and I’ll look for it on my phone.

But it you want to create a "companion app here is the LINK

Samsung Developer Relations

I see what you mean, when I search for my products on Google Play, it is mandatory in the device section that I have to select the device as a watch to be able to display my products. However, that’s not the only reason I wanted to create that companion app. It is so that users who visit the developer’s page on their phone can display the applications that we are providing. I can send you the link of my developer page and when you go to it on the phone it’s blank but on the desktop they show all.
Anyway, thank you for your help. I’m trying to create a companion app according to the video you sent.

Thanks I understand what you are saying now. I remember this was brought up from someone else. This does look like a bug in Play Store.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Unfortunately, it is really the case that the portfolio is only displayed if you create a companion app. But be careful: only upload the companion app when the watch face can be found on Google Play, otherwise customers will only get the companion app without the watch face.


As far as I can see, we can completely guide customers on how to install without installing a companion application on the phone. Many thanks for your warning.