Rejected 3 times soon going for the 4th


I have really been trying to start selling watch faces but alas 2 months later and i am still getting rejected from the review team. ofc they are doing their job i dont blame them.

The problem is that when i test my watchface on my watch its working as it should be, but when the review team tests it i get rejected. Even though when i test it on my watch there is no problem. The problem is the background doesnt change when you tap it because the watch hands also have action taps. So every time i get rejected i try to make the hands shorter.

So whats the solution to this? Install an older version of GWD where it was allowed to tap on overlapping elements or keep the new version and every time keep making the hands shorter and shorter.

I have now oredred a second watch because its really weird and maybe there is something wrong with my watch.

If that is all you really want, you need to go back to version 1.6.2 and along with that download java runtime environment 32 bit version, then the experts on the forum will show you how it is done. Don’t submit

When you submit your design include some images showing the tap area as notes to the review team.

Also make sure your hands are indeed smaller including any non-visible area.

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I even included a video showing that the tap was working as it should on my watch, but when the review tries it on their watch it doesn’t work.

Anyways, if i get rejected again i will go back to an older version of GWD or loose the background changing function and keep the other functions and have like 5 different versions with different backgrounds in the store which is something i wouldn’t want to do cause it would feel wrong.

Are they testing on an Active 2 ? The Touch Bezel on Active 2 might make the tapping area harder to hit.

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Yes, it was the active 2 at least it seemed like an active 2 in the videos that they send me back with the review results and i own the active 1. That’s why i ordered now an Active 2 44mm because it has been driving me crazy.