Weather Location & Rejection from Samsung

I was rejected for a face submitted. The issue is the weather location doesn’t match tester’s phone.

I use the weather service that is available in GWD software. How can I Possibly affect what city shows up?

This came up once before. I don’t know how to communicate directly with the tester but this seems a bit wrong to reject based on this.

They are not supposed to do that it is in their instructions Samsung Mobile and Weather API get their information from different sources. The review team is aware of this and have instructions not to reject for that reason.

Resubmit it and put a note to tester saying
Note: Weather API location is the Weather Station location not the mobile location.

In the case of the Korea test site this happens to be a transportation terminal :slight_smile:

If they reject it again create a support request with Samsung Developer Program and ask that I be copied. I’ll need the rejection letter too.

Don’t use the tap to change weather unit. That is very flakey and erratic and will cause rejection.

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks Ron - I will do as you say!

Ron that worked! Thanks!!!