Required field cannot be left blank. Duns authentication

Hi, is there anybody here who can help me fix this issue? I cannot add my city because it says, ‘Required field cannot be left blank,’ but I cannot even add any text there.

If we can get connected via email will be better.

This has to be auto-filled from the DUNS number API and it doesn’t always work with D&B Partners.

If you contact the seller portal they will tell you to do an update to your profile and wait a week for it to propagate through the system.
So sign in to the Seller Portal click on help, click on Contact US (if it asks if you want you don’t it is not a trick address) get listed as one with an issue. Then go and try to update your profile so it refreshes in the system.

Hope that helps if it is the same next week, I’ll contact you by private message and check on it. But I can’t do that until you’ve tried the other steps first.

Samsung Developer Relations

Okay, I will update my profile to see if it fix the issue, thank you so much, I will let you know.

Can you contact me via private message? I can not contact the support team, it gives me an error.