S2 not showing up in drop down for connected Device ID (2.0.0_beta)

A few years ago I designed a watch face. As part of the pairing process, it wiped it out. I also have a new PC but still had access to the old workspace. I installed 2.0.0_beta. Made a new certificate. Fixed a few things in the project. Now I am trying to “run on device” and having issues with the distribute Certificate.
I can not get the watch to show in the "Connected Device ID: dropdown.

I am using instructions at [GWD]Guidelines on Connecting a Watch device to GWD for the connection.
Seems like there was something about having to use an older version of GWD, is that true? If so which version.

I may have just found what I was looking for.

Well, that was fun.

First I downloaded 1.6.2 on the download page. Select the previous version and download 1.6.2

Step 2. I had to go to …/javase8u211-later-archive-downloads.html to find a 32 bit java 8 run time. For me it was …/jdk-8u271-windows-i586.exe

Then for that first connection, you have to watch the phone and watch there are a lot of “OK” you have to select.

I was able to build the package and run it on the watch. Once I disconnect the watch, it went back to the old face. Now though when I go into the wearable app on the phone my face is an option. This may be a different thread, is there a way I can copy the file to the phone without having to go through all these hoops?

Hi Paul,

I believe you found the solution for others: If you have a Gear S2 then you need to use the older version of GWD. If you have Gear S3 or newer then those have been updated to Tizen 4 and you can use GWD 1.7 and newer and GWS 2.0 requires the 64 bit Java.

To load any software on any Samsung Device you need two encryptions one is the Author Certificate and that simply tells Samsung who you are so if something goes wrong they can contact the author of the software. The other is the Distributor file and that tells the device it is ok to install the software.

Content downloaded from the store has a Samsung Company as the distributor. Stuff you sideload to your watch has you as the developer as the distributor and it is specific to the device and can’t be used on other devices. This is to prevent someone spreading malicious software.

Samsung Developer Team

@r.liechty_SDP I do have both certificates. I only want to put it on my watch. I was asking if there is a folder on the phone that the app would look at that I could copy a file into without having to go into debug. When you say “side-load” that probably answers the question. :slight_smile:

I did document my step for others, but to be truthful it also for me when I have to do it again in a few years. :slight_smile:

I guess that is a testament to the S2 that I am still using it. :slight_smile:

I have an S2 LTE for testing and it is a nice watch. Just doesn’t have the computer power to do everything expected of a smart watch now.

Samsung Developer Team