Sales data for galaxy watch per country

Does anyone know if there is data for galaxy watch sales per country ? It will be really helpful to decide which market to target. It will still be really helpful even if it just the data of the number of device shipped instead of actual sales.

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I’m pretty sure that Samsung will not release actual sales counts only what percentage of total sales by country. Would that work for you?

The last I knew (in no particular order) the top selling countries are USA, Germany, Korea, Great Britain, France, Italy, Russia. If you are localizing then Spanish language. And I don’t know about China.

Samsung Developer Program

I had the same problem like you. (Because I made a Keyboard and I need to optimized it for every market I entered)
Sadly I also don’t found some data from the Galaxy Watch.

But I personal have decided to look simple which countries have a big population and then I try to find some sell statistic about general wearable sales. (Not special Samsung Watches but it is better than nothing)
It is no perfect way but maybe it is also a good idea for you! :slight_smile: