Samsung Health not writing steps to Health Connect?

Open a Developer Support Request and they may be able to help you.

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I have found that the only way Activity data is written to Health Connect is by allowing ALL PERMISSIONS, both READ and WRITE. And even then, it’s not obvious. Sometimes steps are shared, sometimes not. But yes… that’s the bug that Samsung Health has. They are not respecting the granularity of permissions. I only want to give it write permissions for certain Activity types (Exercise and Steps and Active Calories), but if I do it like that nothing is written to Health Connect.

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I have exactly same issue. On latest version of Samsung Health on Android 13. Samsung Health app has all read/write permissions in Health Connect, but writes only small amount of data. Steps was never written.

As Ron said,


Does Samsung Health Write step data in the timeframe to the Health Connect?
I observed that there is only one record available in the Health Connect for the day. Every time the same record will get updated with the newly walked step count.
I need to get the step data(Samsung Health Step Dta) from Health Connect in the timeframe. Can someone help here?

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Please create a support ticket by using the following link

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Just wondering if this issue is any closer to being resolved? I own a Galaxy Fold 3 with the latest firmware and Watch 6 also up to date. All apps are up to date as well. All data is shared, but steps are still not being logged in Google Fit. I can go into Fit and check the source data, and see the steps there, but they’re not getting logged by the app for some reason?


This is a critical problem (sending steps to Health Connect) for many users. Please, don’t mention technical support. Please give us an official answer from the developers.

Hello @bitrixman ,
There are two links I can suggest you that may help you to collect data from watches using HealthConnect API and transfer it to the mobile.
Please check these out:

Accessing Samsung Health Data through Health Connect | Samsung Developer
(Suggested by ron already)

Another one might be helpful also:

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