Samsung partnership request pending for many weeks

I have raised partnership request on Samsung seller office to publish Smart TV app pan world. The request is pending for almost a month now, and it is not given any heed. Can anyone help in this matter, so that the partnership request gets accepted, as due to this, the app launch has also been delayed much.

You can open and enquiry on the Smart TV Seller Store and they may respond. It has been my observance that it usually requires a follow up.
They might only do reviews periodically like some other types of Samsung partnerships.

Samsung Developers Relations

How can i open an enquiry ?
I have already raised concern in 1:1 QnA section of seller office, but it is also not given much heed and is not being updated. what to do next ?


It seems like you’ve done all you can. You can open a request with the developer support team, but I do not know if they can do anything about it. The TV Seller Store is outside of their area of support.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hei there.
We are in the exact same situation.
Did you get approved as partner in the end? If so, how?