Seller Portal 1:1 Still Down

It’s been almost two weeks and I still can’t open or see a ticket?

I got an email response to a workaround ticket from GCIC A&S (???) but I cannot see the ticket or log in anywhere to submit a response.

How long is the support system going to be down? Thanks.

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If you check the response by email you should be able to reply to that. If not let me know.

I was told this was a much bigger issue than just the customer service page. Hopefully it is resolved soon. I’ll check and if there is a long ETA I’ll see if there is a generic PSS email address (the trouble with that is they tend to get lost).

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron.

The email says: “This email was sent from a notification-only address. Please do not reply to this email.”

GCIC A&S is fairly responsive which is great, I just can’t see the tickets I’ve submitted.

They said about 2 weeks and that was 13 days ago. They did fix it somewhat the My Questions link opens the form correctly now.


How do we update the on going tickets while 1:1 is still down? I tried the link Seller Portal 1:1 Enquiry Link but it is dead. Thanks

I have brought that up with the North American Store ops team and they are creating a list of faults with the system in place now. That being the major one but there are several other issues. If they haven’t submitted it already it should be sent today.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Dashboard has ticket history for watch face, but not Themes tickets? Support request shows history for recent watch face tickets but not recent Themes tickets. Where do I find recent Themes support tickets?

Try the Partner Tab? My account was used for a test and it shows a ticket there.


The links end on a page that tells you to check your email. I’m trying to follow up an existing ticket.


Seller Portal 1:1 tickets - you get an email that is was received, then crickets.

Developer PSS tickets can be tracked, but aren’t for themes.

The last time I opened a theme ticket in PSS I got this response: “Please submit your feedback to Seller Portal Support team so they can review it.”

Thanks John,

I’ll see what is up, I know the link was reported. Hopefully there is a follow up soon.