Seller Portal 1:1 Still Down

It’s been almost two weeks and I still can’t open or see a ticket?

I got an email response to a workaround ticket from GCIC A&S (???) but I cannot see the ticket or log in anywhere to submit a response.

How long is the support system going to be down? Thanks.

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If you check the response by email you should be able to reply to that. If not let me know.

I was told this was a much bigger issue than just the customer service page. Hopefully it is resolved soon. I’ll check and if there is a long ETA I’ll see if there is a generic PSS email address (the trouble with that is they tend to get lost).

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron.

The email says: “This email was sent from a notification-only address. Please do not reply to this email.”

GCIC A&S is fairly responsive which is great, I just can’t see the tickets I’ve submitted.

They said about 2 weeks and that was 13 days ago. They did fix it somewhat the My Questions link opens the form correctly now.