Sports Watch Face not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S20 FE smartphone

Hi, I have several sports watch faces that were created around the same time. They are installed all right in Galaxy Watch 3 connected via Bluetooth to a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE smartphone. One watch face can not be installed because the phone says that the watch face is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S20 FE smartphone.

I wonder why this can happen? How can some watch faces can be installed, but one is not compatible?

I mean they are all created with Galaxy Watch Studio and they just contain the usual sports data (steps, calorie, heart rate, distance, speed, floor) and also moon phase.

Hi @rev,

I would recommend you to submit a report on Samsung Developer Support regarding this issue and they better investigate it. Don’t forget to attach some screenshots along with detail information.


The watch face was probably not updated for S20. An old trick to not include Gear S2 devices was to simply search and remove S2 but that removes S20 devices as well. If this is your creation then check the store for Devices and update it. If this isn’t your creation contact the seller and ask him to update it.


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Thanks so much for this. Now we have to make sure s20 and s21 are not removed!

What I usually do is search for “gear S2”. I wonder if “gear S2” search will also include “galaxy s20”? I’ll have to see it next time I’m submitting binaries!

I forgot to mention.
There is another reason that one or both of them may not show. When a new release is coming they pretest all the watch faces for that and update the compatible list. If you add a new watch face or update an old one it will create a new compatibility list without the new devices.

It is a good practice once a new device is announced to check your list to see if that was indeed added.

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it does not search for Galaxy S20 it searches for the exacts string. “Gear S2”

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