Step Icon Not Showing & Saving Question

Hello there, new here. Did some searching on the forum and did find that the icon image you can change in watch face studio is just for references to see what you are doing.

So fine, I get that. However from what I read, it should show the default icons once on the watch, correct? As the battery icon is showing in this watch I am making for myself, but the steps icon is not there.

I cannot figure out HOW to get it to show. I wanted custom icons but if we cannot, which I seen other faces that do, as I am using one at the moment that has a like digital old screen looking icons, but don’t get how we can’t in here. But at least I would like SOMETHING to show up. I am very confused. If anyone can help me figure this out, I’d be so appreciative!

Uploaded two screenshots so you can see. This is my first attempt using the app after watching the few videos I could find on YouTube. Just very very confused why there is no step icon showing. The battery shows up, but not the steps.

Also, is there not a way to export this watch? Other than uploading it somewhere? Where does it go when you upload? Where you have to fill out that form, does that send it online? If I want to use it just for me, does that mean I have to use this app to send to watch? Via ADB debugging method we use to preview it?

I also tested out add Image or Photo Image or Small Image, what is the point of those, if it does not add the image to your watch? Also added a screenshot of my testing of the large text, and photo image. Very confused.


For some complication the icon don’t show, step count is one of them.

No you don’t need to upload it online or anywhere. You can use your design after deploy it in your watch. Please check out this guide for connection.

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If you use the Small Image complication The end users can customize it Walking and other Health apps.

Samsung Developer Relations

I know I can send it to my watch, but if I wanted to share it with a friend but not publish it, is there no way to export it for them?

How does the end user know they have to customize it themselves? I’ve downloaded watch faces with icons and such already there, so I don’t understand how we cannot get them to show ourselves.

Yes you can export your project.
Main menu(left top corner)->FileExport Encrypted Password (You can share the password with your friend so that without him no one can use it)

Another way to share the project with other is you can directly share your .wfs file. You can get your .wfs file from C:\Users\USER NAME\WatchFaceStudio (This is the by default location)

Awesome, thank you. So if I make one with the encrypt password, give them the password, then how does he install it on his watch? Does he have to use Watch Face Studio too? Or can he just “install” the watch face?

Sorry my mistake that don’t say it.

Yes, he need to use Watch Face Studio and deploy the design in his watch to use it.

Please see this video from 9:55-10:29, may be this will help you :blush: