Suspend - Publish - Workflow

What is happened:

I did suspend my own watch face because i did released it to early. (Don’t ask me why, it doesn’t matter).

To bring it back live i have to go through the whole review process again? I hope this is a joke.
I did not changed anything on the WF himself or on any description or whatever.

So there is no easy option to pause selling a product for just a short while?


I don’t know how fast it will take for your suspended device to be reviewed but it is going to take longer than normal.

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The real question is why it have to pass the whole process again, when nothing was changed.
I doesn’t make any sense.


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If you update the devices to include the Galaxy S21 and S21 5G or those changed while it was suspended it would triggers a required review.

Are you sure you are going through a full review? Has it been several days? Did you open a 1 on 1 Enquiry in the seller portal.

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I just can repeat myself here, i changed nothing.

I am just able to see what the “Status” shows me in the seller portal and there it goes through each step currently. Maybe they will realize that there was not changed anything so it goes maybe faster. I also did explain this in the review comment section.

It is just weird that there is no easy “unsuspend” button when i suspend a watch by myself.

I will open a 1 on 1 Enquiry. Maybe it helps to speed things up.

Thx Ron

Make sure to put a comment in the review tab; I often change just something in the description and write that I did not make any changes to the watch, and it’s usually approved quickly.

Exactly this i did have done. :v:

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