Watch Face suspended for containing copyright word

A watch face of mine was suspended because it contained the word “POP”. But the watch face had another name together, it was named: “indie pop”
The new watch face submission rule started with that list of trademarks. In the list is the word “POP”.
But more than a year ago I sent it, the purpose of the word “pop” was the musical term “pop”.
For my Portuguese language, Pop is an abbreviation for the word “popular”, which is used in both English and Portuguese. … Pop can be the abbreviation for “popular culture”, that is, the culture of a people that exists in society, nothing refers to the POP brand.
I am upset, and afraid that my account will be disabled because of this.
Did anyone else do this? What to do?

Unfortunately Trademark is a super difficult topic. Samsung just try to prevent to run into problems. For themself and for you. Samsung selling worldwide there products so when in one of this countries someone have a registered trademark for the word or part of the phrase (Product/Service: Watch) it “could” be a problem. A good answer for your problem you just get from a patent attorney. This is the reason why so many designer just using numbers for there watch face names.

… and yes … it is super frustrating!

The Issue isn’t the word POP unless it is used in conjunction with a watch and there is a POP SWATCH and an i POP copyrights.

Samsung is trying to catch these before there are any legal complaints. Unless they are blatant infractions Samsung will suspend the content and allow the seller to fix the issues. If there is a complaint then you may have your account forfeited.

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Thanks for the clarification Ron.
I didn’t even know that there were watches in other countries with this brand. As said, POP, in Brazil is an abbreviation for something common, basic, popular, and “indie” is independent.
I am being very careful with those words, and do not infringe the terms and copyright.
As I said, not a moment did I plagiarize (copy) these brands, nor use their logos.
Perhaps I was misunderstood. Let this serve as a lesson.
Again, thanks for the clarification.