Taking too long to release themes

When an Android version was released, it didn’t take long to release themes. But in this Android 13, it’s too much for the theme team to test and approve or give bug feedback. And unfortunately GTS has some bugs, because when a theme is tested, I get feedback to fix it.The way is to wait, wait, wait for a month or more. Wallpapers, AOD and Icons is fast.


If others want to also complain about this respond to this topic. If you have exact issues to report that is better.

I’ll do another Voice of Consumer report on this and pass it up the chain.

Samsung Developer Relations

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I can’t imagine how many Android 13 themes they have to test right now, I’m guessing hundreds of sellers are updating themes, which means thousands to test. This, to me, is silly because from the couple of rejections I’ve got, the tool needs another update anyway. Any theme created with the current GTS version will always have visibility issues for the customer, even if approved. Which is a shame because Android 13 is rolling out now.

Right now, I am seeing testing on a new theme taking 8 - 10 days, then delay for 4 - 7 days before getting a review result. Quickest is two weeks fror a new theme. Updated themes are taking even longer :frowning:


awful time for a beta version to release as a good one, and taking out the possibility of creating 2021 themes at the same time

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Can someone in contact with the company shred some light about what’s going on? Is there a long holiday or some problem in the countrty or perhaps a new update of gts is about to come up and they halted the approvals? We’re worried #galaxy-themes

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All actual none fixable Issues are listed here


All other Issues can be fixed Guys;)

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