Tap action to change an image not working on Wear OS device

I haven’t been able to get the tap action to work on an actual Wear OS device, even though it works just fine in WFS. I’m trying to change the background image, i.e. the lowest layer.

Has anyone found a solution?

To change the lowest layer (background), I would use styles, since in most cases the lowest layer is covered by other layers. So: Create a new picture for the background and define it as a style.

TS-Design had correct the answer .

If this is an analog watch it should not work as a tap action in WFS because tap zone for watch hands is 360 degrees. Since it does work it seems like a bug to me. If it is still working in the upcoming bug fix I’ll report it as a bug.

If this is an analog watch it might work but it is not the proper method for customizations.

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