Text is moving up and down

If there is a text field, and the text keep changing every second, the text will move if there is umlaut in capital letters.
Also for small letters, the text will move if there are letters within the text with ´g´ or ´l´ or ,´y´

See wfs file below. DO NOT UNZIP BUT RENAME FILE AS …wfs

zlx111.zip (469.9 KB)

In de zip file below is a movie where you can see the swicth from seven to eight, the you see that the eight seconds are moving up.
in wfs all looks normal, but on the watch not.
Also text like Twenty-two displays on wfs normal but on the watch it is not visible, so i changed the text to Twenty two.

wfs seconds.zip (459.6 KB)

it will be fixed in next version of WFS.
Thanks for the reporting!

Thanks for the quick response

Works now since the update fine.