There are related questions about GWS and WFS editors

Before that, I had already used the GWS editor to connect the watch and computer to preview the watch works I had created. After completing the works, I was ready to put them on the Samsung store for sale. I found that the Samsung store no longer allows the addition of new designers and works. I learned that they can only be sold in the Google store. Is the WFS editor a software tool for Google?

Okay, I will delete the Samsung editor GWS because I cannot sell it in the Samsung store. Why do I need it, right? I relearned the WFS tool and found that I couldn’t connect to the watch. I turned on debugging ON, connected WIFI and input IP, but the same operation didn’t work?


After reviewing multiple posts, I realized that it seems like WFS cannot recognize watch versions 4 and 5? I need to use GWS to create files and then convert TPK to APK. Why is WFS unable to recognize the new version of the watch? It’s strange and incomprehensible. Anyway, I need to download the GWS editor again to try all of this again…
ths. ^-^


I do not know what watches you actually have, but on your images there I see the first galaxy watch model, which will never work with WFS. If you wanted to make new faces for your own old watch, that is what the GWD is for. If you are only interested on profit from watch faces, then you really do not need it, nor your old watch.

I guess you probably got it misunderstood. WFS is exactly that new tool for new galaxy watches and to make faces for the play store. It does not connect with galaxy watch 3 or older, only with galaxy watch 4 or galaxy watch 5.

If you wanted to go the way of conversion of face files from GWS to WFS form, those have to be quite simple faces, or the proces fails and delivers poor results.

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you have Galaxy watch(for Tizen), you need to buy Galaxy watch 4 or Classic or 5 or 5 pro(for wear OS)

Okay, I understand what you mean. I need to reconnect my watch and computer. I’m sure the Galaxy watch is 4,thank you

Okay, I understand what you mean. I need to reconnect my watch and computer. I’m sure the Galaxy watch is 4,thank you

I"m pretty sure your image is of a Samsung Galaxy Watch running Tizen version 4 and you need Galaxy Watch Studio to design for it.

Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 have a flair watch band that is wider at the watch than at the bottom of the connection and have protruding buttons oblong buttons on the side. The Samsung Galaxy Watch has buttons that barely protrude as in the image you are showing.

So you can use Galaxy Watch Studio (be sure to get the older version not the GWS 2.0.1 but the Previous Version which is far less buggy than the one for Mac computers.

See the FAQ on connecting if you have any issues.

Play Store sells the Watch Faces for Android OS version watch faces that Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5 are based on.

Hope this helps, if you have any other Questions I’d be more than happy to help.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Maybe you confused the version of your operating system with the generation of smartwatch.
The watch on your images is first generation of galaxy watch. It may have whatever version of its original OS, but it will still be the “tizen OS”, which works only with GWS.
WFS is compatible only with galaxy watches from 4th generation, which are equiped with “wear OS”.
Personal computers may be working with multiple operating systems like windows or linux, but smartwatches do not have such option.

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Wow, okay, I’ve been feeling a headache today about which generation of this watch is compared to the pictures. There are too many online pictures and the information is confusing. Thank you very much for your reply. It was very helpful for me and also solved the problem of a fourth generation design that is not similar to my watch.

I should buy the 4th/5th generation watch again now.