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Hello everyone,

Why doesn’t the certificate manager offer the Samsung certificate. I want to transfer my application to my Galaxy Watch 4 and get the following error message:

The application installation on the device has failed due to a signature error! (error code:-12)

You need an appropriate certificate profile, which can be created or activated in the Certificate Manager. Do you want to open the Certificate-Manager?


Because Galaxy Watch4 runs Wear OS powered by Samsung and not Tizen OS. To develop Apps for Galaxy Watch4 you will need to use Android Studio and to design watch faces, you will use Watch Face Studio.

Hope this helps

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Hello Ron,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I then made a mistake and it is the Galaxy Watch 3. I know 100% that the operating system is Tizen.

According to research, when opening the certificate manager, the Samsung certificate option should also appear. But only the Tizen certificate appears.



HI Richard, I responded in your other post. You need to enable the Samsung Extension and Watch extensions in the Package Manager Extensions.


Hello Ron,

thanks again for your answer. Yes, after I activated it in the Package Manager Extension, the Samsung certificate also appeared as an option.

I had read on the Internet that if I want to transfer my programming to my Galaxy Watch 3, I have to take the Samsung certificate.
Unfortunately, I got the same error message as described at the beginning. Here is the error message again:
The application installation on the device failed due to a signature error! (Error Code:-12)

You need a corresponding certificate profile, which can be created or activated in the certificate manager. Do you want to open the certificate manager?

Do you maybe have another idea?!

Thanks again for your efforts


The Certificate Error -12 is one of three reasons. I assume that do have developer options and debugging enabled.

A: you have a Tizen Distributor Certificate in your profile as well as the Samsung Distributor Certificate. You can only have a Samsung Distributor and Samsung Author Certificate in the Profile. The profile allows more than one but that is not for Samsung Watches.

Assuming that isn’t it
B: When you first try to sideload unto your watch an RSA Encryption key pops up on your watch. If you don’t accept it quickly it will disappear and you will get the certificate error -12 error message. Next time you try to run on device (sideload) observe your watch carefully and an RSA encryption will pop up and you need to accept it. Then the run on device will proceed.
If it doesn’t after 4 or 5 attempts then reboot your watch by holding down the power key(s) for about 15 seconds until it says rebooting
Then wait a full minute before trying to side load again.
If that doesn’t work then this one will always work.
Open the Users{username}\ folder and there is a hidden folder .tizen and in that hidden folder are sdbkey and sdbkey.pub rename both of them, relaunch Tizen Studio and that should force the RSA Encryption again
This RSA doesn’t last too long maybe 15 seconds max so be sure to keep an eye on you watch when you run on Device the fist time.

After it has accepted the RSA Encryption key it only will need to be accepted again if you have a reset of the watch system.

Samsung Developer Relations