(Topic Changed) Distribute Certificate Menu is blank on GWS

I attempted to contact Samsung Tech Support and they did not even know this was an option apparently, but I have created a Watch Face on Galaxy Watch Studio, but I have no idea how to install it onto my Watch.

From what I can tell from resources from Samsung, I need to connect the watch to GWS to then get a Distribute Certificate to add it onto my watch, but I can’t see the Device IP address while connected to Bluetooth, and when I disconnect from Bluetooth, It can’t see my WiFi and I can’t get the ‘sdb over BT’ thing. Not sure what to do next.

I have managed to connect it somehow, but now the Distribute Certificate menu is blank, I’ve read this is because it uses IE 11. Has a workaround been found?

See this Thread I just responded to almost the same question.

I need to know the version of your Galaxy watch the newer ones do not support SDBoverBT and require WiFi connection always on for connecting.

Samsung Developer Relations