Unable to connect to TV through Taizen studio

I am new for Taizen and I tried to connect my TV to Tazien Studio to insall an app but its always showing :
I tried all the steps successfully:

  • The TV on devloper mode and I insert my PC ID.
  • All connect through the same Wifi , I tried three different ones.
  • I tried two different PC but both for windows 10.
  • I even created devloer certificate correctly.
    I used the latest version Tizen Studio 5.1 and my Smart TV model is : UA75CU7000UXSA
    I am not too much familiar for all these thing so please I am looking forward for your assistant…

Connection problems are pretty common
Be sure your computer and TV are on the same WiFi network if your computer is plugged into the ethernet it may not be connected to the WiFi network and on older modems the 2 Ghz and 5 Ghz networks may be different.

The most common is using a Tizen Distributor Certificate when you need a Samsung Distributor Certificate see this information be sure it is Samsung Tizen Distributor Certificate…
Did you follow this information on How to test on device

Double check that Developer Mode is on (you have to restart the TV not turn it to standby for it to change) Restart by holding the remote power key until the standby light goes off or unplug it for a few seconds

If you have those steps correct then exactly when does the error come up.

Samsung Developer Relations

yes all these steps are follwoed and still the same which I already mentioned in my subject details.
awaiting for your support…

I have to ask the oh shoot question You are creating a .wgt not a TPK file correct?

In order to create a Distributor Certificate you must have already be connected to the device so this is happening when you try to run on device correct?

The most common issue is the designer gets a Tizen Author and Distributor certificates and not Samsung (Tizen) Distributor Certificate but you say that is not the case.

So that means for some reason your network is not letting you to transfer from your computer to your TV. A firewall, anti-virus protection, VPN will all block you from running on Device.

Check the FAQs and see if any apply to you.

BTW a distributor certificate is between one computer and a device you can’t use it on a second computer but you can have multiple devices in your Distributor List.

If you have an IT department maybe they can help you.

Samsung Developer Relations

hi, i’m having the same issues, went through all the steps, created samsung cert, verified the ip address, restart, can verify that the port is open using nmap, it’s a s90c tv, attached is the wireshark dump when using sdb or device manager:

Your computer isn’t hooked up to an ethernet port is it? The computer has to be on WiFi network.

Samsung Developer Relations

both are on the same wifi network and the pc is not connected to ethernet, as you can see in the wireshark dump, it manages to connect to the port open on the tv, sends the following data, and the tv closes the tcp port.