Unable to register Samsung phone with an email address not .com or .net

Helping a customer register name@answers.cpa and your system does not recognize answers.cpa domain. .CPA domains was made available last year and is not available to non-CPA’s. For more information, you can go to https://register.domains.cpa . You need to allow for email addresses ending in @name.cpa and not just .com and .net.

Are you saying you can’t create a Samsung account to register a phone? I may be able to report it but it would have to go through a lot of departments. It may be better if you try to report it with the Members App. I know I am able to use a non .com/.net/.org personal email account.

You should also be able to create a .com account and then when .cpa is available change it over.

Since this is not developer related it will be removed soon.

Samsung Developer Relations

We’re trying to reach out to you on her behalf. As more users adopt the .CPA domain, more people might report this issue. Can you route this to the correct department? Here is a screenshot.

I can’t route this to the correct department. I can send a note to the team that handles the Forum account and they work with the team that handles the Samsung Account and let them know.

I don’t know how long it takes for a new ICANN gTLD to register in the system.

Samsung Developer

Hi @khuongtrac1. I know the team that manages Samsung Account. I will make them aware of this issue. Thank you for making the report.


Lead, Samsung NA Developer Relations

The team do not believe that this is a .cpa domain issue. It seems to be an un-enrollable prohibited word (samsung, admin, tizen…etc) or special character problem. I will send you a private message if you can send me the address in that I can investigate further.

Samsung Developer Relations