Upload test face to watch bypassing the samsung store

Apologies if the question has been answered before, I haven’t been able to find a similar question. Newbie here, so …
I designed my first face and I want to upload it (the gws file) to my own Gear Sport watch without publishing it first. Is that possible? How? I am not yet comfortable to advance with a license (if I understand well that it’s what I need).


Welcome to watch face designing it can become addictive but very fun. Unless you are running on macOS you will save yourself a lot of pain if you use GWS 2.0.0 instead of GWS 2.0.1 (you can download it from the Previous releases on the download page.

Actually the .gws file is a project file not the binary. The .tpk file is the Tizen Binary Package that you install on your personal phone.

You do not need to publish to the store and indeed you can’t without being an approved seller.

You will need to create an Author Certificate and a Distributor certificate in order to run on device. First read this on how to connect GWS to your Watch
Once connected you can create a Author and Distributor Certificates you need those to build the binary even if you don’t publish them.
See Device Tests on this page on how to run on the watch.

Check FAQ 21 If you have any issues, you probably will the first time is a royal pain. After that you wonder what the problem was.

If you have any issues or don’t understand the FAQs just ask I can help.

Samsung Developer Relations