Watch Face Complication in WFS not acting as I wanted

I’m currently working on making a watch face using Watch Face Studio 1.4.20 and I’m having some trouble with setting up the complications. This is what I got so far and how I wanted them to behave in red.

In the preview section of WFS, the “date and day” are working as intended but the “event” is still borked.

The event format I wanted is the one used in the premade watch face in galaxy wearables like this

But when I tried to launch it on my Watch 6 Classic, all the complications looked different. The Date and Day got a whole different format with a logo even though I didn’t put a logo element in that complication, the feels like temp also got a logo even though I didn’t put a logo element in that complication, and the next event complication is different from both the preview and the stock premade watch face.
Below is how it is displayed in my watch and what the customization page is set to.

Does anyone know how I can solve my problem? I’m honestly stuck now.

Hi, complication will automatically their own layout. Within the complication type.

For next event which complication type are you using? I used large box.

Also The premade watch is designed using full programing language not wfs.

I’m using Large Box for the Next Event complication.

If the WFS doesn’t have the premade complication layout then I’ll just give up on that one and find something else to fill the space. As for the weather and temprature, I found a work around for covering the logo using the complication boundary.

But what about the Date and Day one? I still don’t get why its displaying a different format than what is being shown in WFS.


If i not wrong its shows 11.00 am only because the event is coming in a very short time. I think if u set a alert e.g 10 mins before. The event will just show the counted to the event. I also notice my next event changed from “time event name” to just time

If you set it like say afew hours later you will see the name of the event.

Take note you got to edit or the different layouts in wfs (6 layout for long text), not just select what u want. Thats is for weather i think there is a layout with image/icon. Go to that layout and hide it.

My next event came with a image/icon but i hide it too

There a reason for the day and date not being same. But i forgot the exact reason @r.liechty_SDR can answer u that

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Do you need your day and date to be using complication. Another way to display day and date…in any style format or design. Is to use tag expressions.

Which is how i design my date

Oh I didn’t know you can do that!
Thank you, I’ll try that out

Hi, a link to help u out


Another way to display day and date…in any style format or design. Is to use tag expressions.

This is great for your own personal watch face but it doesn’t allow localized languages

There a reason for the day and date not being same

Watch Face Studio complications just use exemplars something so you can get an idea of what the layout is not the actual data. Also WFS only does the one selected in the complication Type. I think you can individually set all of the complication types with your personalization or you can remove all other options (but that would reduce the options for the end user. So only do that for personal use.

Also the complication provider can be different layouts. I think WFS sets Next Event using Samsung Calendar, so Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar could have different appearance.

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@r.liechty_SDR but if just using tag expressions in text fields it be base on localized language right.

E.g [Mon_s]. He could just use text with tag expression and change font, and its size. And maybe its colors, and the text field will still all localized language right?

Unless he does something special like my day ring then i agree with u.

There is no language option for a text box even if you use a tag for a component. There also are not any localizations for complication’s text or titles.

You can change fonts and sizes and colors and user Themes with a digital date just like a text box. You can also change the tags, in fact you have to for a 24 hour digital clock.

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Hi @r.liechty_SDR , what do you by .

“This is great for your own personal watch face but it doesn’t allow localized languages”

Though localization is set on phone/watch thing
Not individual complication/element.

Remember the topic on [mon_s] where user tried to use germen but it was showing full instead of 3 char.

I think i understand what you talking about. U mean the one where u can set timezone/local calendar/language.

Will removed below question if i figured it out before u answer.

P.s but what the difference in out come?
As in if i set my phone to chinese , my watch complications, text fields (tag expressions) also change to chinese. I have not tested with setting date with language settings (if i did, would it mean if i set to english for date, but my phone is in chinese)

Everything else will be in chinese but date be in english?

@Scylious as @r.liechty_SDR suggested do this

Add a component → digital clock → date

You can look at the tag expressions provided on the component then shift each tag expressions around

And also change font etc.

But added option is calender type and language and timezone (if sync with device is not used)

Not quite. Default is Sync to Device if a default is not set. See this documentation. You may want to force it to not sync with device.

I would not be surprised if a day or month tag are localized in a text box but I don’t know if they are or not.

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Hi, i read the documentation but, for me i set that a not my text box and complication, changed languages when i changed languages on my phone.

The date too. Without the need to use languages settings.

Thats is my whole watch face changed to malay when my phone was in malay

Thanks for confirming this. I am not surprised since they are automatically synced to device. I can see some reasons for wanting to set languages. If you specifically did not want to Sync with Device for example you wanted a second clock in a different language, and if you are using bitmap Fonts which have to have exact matches.


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