Watch Face Notifications Not Working on Galaxy Watch 4

I’ve created a watch face for Wear OS using Kotlin (Android Studio). At certain times, the watch face is meant to generate a notification (using notification channels) to inform the user that the specific time has arrived.

Everything is working correctly on the Android Studio Wear OS emulators (I’ve tried APIs 28 and 30), but I don’t receive any notifications on a physical Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (Wear OS 3.2, Android 11) - I’ve tried wearing the watch as well. Under developer mode on the watch, I’ve ensured that the notifications and the notification channels for my watch face are enabled.

Is there something on the watch preventing the notifications from triggering, or is it bug in the Samsung software?

This is a bug that was fixed earlier this year. Do you have the latest version and are your libraries the latest Androidx versions?

Samsung Developer Relations

The notifications eventually started working. It must have been due to the updates.