Watch face > onComplicationDataUpdate is not sent after a reboot


This issue affects all the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, and recently the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 as they were targeted with the same os update:
OneUI 5.0
Google Play Services 23.33.16
Wear OS 4.0
Wear Service

This issue affects all the “developed” watch faces (to be opposed to watch faces created with WFS), and can be reproduced on watch faces developed with java wear api, or kotlin wear api.
But possibly affecting WFS watch faces too, because it has some complication refreshment issues.

When setting up a watch face with complications (like steps, agenda etc…), and then reboot the watch : When boot is completed, onComplicationDataUpdate is not sent anymore.
As a result, complications are not updated.
The only workaround is to switch to another watch face, and then to switch back to the first one.

This has been reproduced on various watch faces from GPlayStore:
And on the Google Watch Face sample.

It looks like the first watch face is not correctly initialized after a reboot.

Hi. Yes, this is a problem right now. I didn’t manage to report it because I was wasting time reporting other bugs and I was just disgusted by it all :smiley:
I suggest not to waste time here on the forum with overly technical explanations when it is rarely met with understanding (my own experience).

You can open a support request here:
Developer Support | Samsung Developers

This wouldn’t be a Watch Face Studio issue if it is with other with other tools. Still they may be able to forward it to the right team.

Samsung Developer Relations