Watchface Helper app Source Code Open Your Watchface On Connected Watch

I made an application similar to this. but I haven’t tried yet. What I want to ask is, is there any problem in google synchronization after the purchase? Or does the watch face look like it wasn’t purchased?


well i am still having sync issues after purchases still shows me unpaid on watch. I tried few other developers tested some new faces, same result. But this is a good solution for free watchfaces :laughing:

I have been installing watchfaces from web version without issues since months that the only thing that has worked for me always :slightly_smiling_face:

So for paid watch faces, this app makes no sense. Thanks.

i updated this watchface yesterday. Strange thing is few i updated have missing install button. ,but this one still has the install for other devices button in playstore app.

This happened to me as well not sure about the reason, i am suspecting that when i updated one of my watch faces it changed to having install more options not sure though. Might worth a try.