Wearable app: watch faces in the Play Store tray disappeared

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The topic does not refer to WFS but is still related to developing watch faces with WFS.

I was wondering why the Play Store watch faces tray was removed from the Wearable app.

See red box (example screenshot taken from SDP’s blog):

In fact, I noticed a drop in downloads on some watch faces that were normally shown in that section.

Unfortunately, the Play Store is known for being very messed up in the watch faces categories and that tray on the Wearable app could have given us a little help.

Is there a particular reason why it was removed? Is this a bug that went unnoticed by Samsung?


Galaxy Wearable version

Thank you!

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HI Matteo

My wearable app has at the bottom after downloads

Get more watch faces >

I don’t know how long it has been there or if it is particular to the Flip5 version do you get the expansion or nothing at all?


Hi Ron,

Thank you for your answer.

Exactly how you see it too.

There is only “Get more watch faces >” which goes to the Play Store, without watch faces list.

Tested on Flip 5, Fold 5 and S23. Same result.

BTW, I think that tray disappeared about 10 days ago, according to Play Console statistics (referral traffic).




I don’t recall when it changed but I noticed it before. My thought is that they may not want to be seen as promoting watch faces that Samsung has not vetted for IP Infractions.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hi @r.liechty_SDP ,

It’s a shame because it gave everyone a little help and avoided the disorganization of the Play Store for a while.

Thanks for your time!