What the..... Why... AOD

Why does this update of GW4 make AOD look like … ???
In AOD, time lost his work.
The hotfix soon?
Someone who knows about the fix, please answer.

I speak with the heart of an long-time friend.

Samsung is a first-class company.
But what they’re doing seems to be running a neighborhood candy shop.

They don’t seem to realize that the little things are actually the most important things.

Whether it’s people’s work, company work, sports, and everything in the world, the Basic FORM is the most important.
If the basic is not formed, there are no skill advancement, no good performances, and the fans will disappear.

The weather complication does distinguish between day and night,
(Why is the sun still up at night? Where did Moon disapear? Do I live in the North Pole or the South Pole?? Is this a white night?? ), other complications do work properly, and the AOD does work properly… These are the most basic things of the basic forms.

Because this is human work, programs can have errors at any time.
The important is how quickly they solve the problem when got the errors or issues.

In the next update…
At the next update…
Wait to next update…
When is the next update??? after 6 month?? within the 1year? next year?..
no no no!!! it must be RIGHT NOW. There is no tomorrow.

There is their name value.

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I can’t duplicate the AOD issue or don’t understand it.
My understanding is this is an issue with a cross platform non compliant watch face design tool.

Since I can’t duplicate it I can resolve it. Is the issue it doesn’t have seconds? Ambient Mode was never supposed to show seconds but they were allowed in previous Wear OS versions. Or is it something different

Samsung Developer Relations

I can now duplicate the AoD issue. Maybe the update I did on the 9th was just an SHealth update and not the full update.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks, Ron.
We are talking about the full update.
Software version, R890XXU1EVA8 / R890OXM1EVA8.

I’m Not saying about Sec but TIME, hh:mm.

The TIME in AOD mode should be counted exactly same as the time in Active screen.
Both must be the same.
Before the full update, it was. But now… it’s not. The two are each playing.

AOD loses its meaning if time on aod screen is not displayed the same as time on active screen.

Please let me know if there are any changes.

Have a nice day, Ron.


I’m getting refunds for this issue.
Watch face not syncing with always-on view.


That was a very aggressive intervention in the work of the operating system on Samsung smartwatches.
I am developing apps on android studio and implementing the best practices according to the documentation, some apps need to be updated also on ambient mode (timer app, navigation apps, fitness trackers, etc).

The advantage of Wear Os compared to Tizen in terms of battery life is the ability to update the screen in ambient mode (in Tizen we had to command the operating system to leave the screen in active mode to make updates and it was a battery drainer).

So why ruin something good?
Why not check the implications of such an update? Does a big company like Samsung have no QA teams?
And why can the apps developed by Samsung update the screen in ambient mode?
If Samsung interferes with the operation of the operating system then what is the point of wear/android documentation?
So after this update developers will have to command the operating system to leave the screen in active mode to show updates and drain the battery?
Is there an intention to distribute hotfix?

P.S - BTW it is not only the screen, the whole CPU is not running…I wonder how many apps stopped working properly… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
and also…It’s a watch! It should show the right time!


I fully understand the frustration with developers that have apps and watch faces for Wear OS Powered by Samsung. And I am open to allowing venting on this discussion board as there seems no other place to do so other than Redit.

I hope there is a fast hot fix as well.

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Samsung Developer Community


I agree with you 1000%.

Our watch faces are also impacted by this update. We use the Gles2WatchFaceService (basically WatchFaceService with OpenGL ES 2.0 support) and onTimeTick(). The bigger problem with our watch faces is that not only the time is not updated in AOD, but the watch face crashes when entering or exiting the ambient mode. We are still trying to find a workaround to at least prevent the watch face from crashing.

We fully agree that Samsung should not make bigger changes that break the compatibility of the operating system, in this case Wear OS. Normally, when functions or libraries become deprecated in Android or Wear OS, Google gives developers enough time (sometimes years) to switch over to the new versions. During this time, both the old and new versions are fully functional. We never had any issue with this during more than 8 years of app development.

This time however, it seems like Samsung made a sudden change (whether it was intended or by mistake is not clear yet) without any warning to the developer community, and by doing so, it broke backwards compatibility. One would expect that changes at a system level should be done or certified only by or together with Google, since they are responsible for their own OS, for the documentation and for the communication with developers.

We really hope that Samsung fixes this very soon. Perhaps the best solution would be to immediately revert the update to the previous firmware, and release the new update when the issues has been fixed.

That being said, does anybody know if there is a way of downgrading the watch manually?

The Cronosurf developer team

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Do a factory reset and refuse updates should work.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thanks! This should work. It’s just that going back to the very first firmware version could be a bit too drastic for most users. Wondering if it is possible to go back to the previous version somehow. But provided that it is possible, I guess it will be too challenging for the normal users. I guess we will have to wait for Samsung’s update.

The Cronosurf developer team

How to do that? I do factory reset and I am not able to se lect any versio of ROM.

AOD dosen’t work (update time) even if I creat watch face with Samsung Official Software - Watch Face Studio.
Please, urgent deploy the fix.

This is a firmware issue and it has nothing to do with Watch Face Studio.

I want to let you know that you are being heard. As Developer Relations I am doing all I can and my understanding is they are highly motivated to fix this. But please understand often the worst bugs are caused by a quick fix.

Samsung Developer Relations


I understand I mean that just for someone’s personal use.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thanks for your understanding! The community of watch face developers and also all affected users really hope that this very frustrating problem is fixed very soon!

That being said, is it not possible for Samsung to simply revert the update to the previous one until the issues are solved?

We at Cronosurf are being affected very badly by this. Not only we are receiving daily about 20 new emails complaints, we are also receiving many one-star ratings and loosing many users.

Could you please at least confirm that the WatchFaceService.engine and onTimeTick() functions will be available again after the fix?

The Cronosurf developer team


Vote for that!

Simply revert the update to the previous one until the issues are solved!


Can you explain how?

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A firmware can only be reverted if combination firmware is available for Watch4 and its specific model.

At the time there are no flashable normal firmwares are available what to talk of combination firmwares needed to downgrade the watch.

As a watch4 watch developer i am on a break from making anything on watchface studio due to this new update bugs.

As a user im also on a break from buying any watchfaces. For me as a user it is breaking the main feature of a watch which is to show time.

This variation of time bug on Always on display is simply not acceptable it should be fixed by Samsung ASAP. I have searched everywhere but im not able to revert this damn new update.

I am seriously planning to buy a Ticwatch 3 Pro model although i have to go thru then importing it since not available in my country.

This watch4 firmware EVA8 update has really pissed me off as a developer and thoroughly as a user


Hi Ron,

Sorry for the intrusion. Is this thread regarding resent GW4 update that had affected the AOD? Not specifically the hands but generally the AOD fails (dark screen). I had the same update on my GW4(C) and everything works fine, but two of the users of my App complained that the AOD failed after the update.

Is this the same issues discussed here?

Thank you.


Totally agreed with this. We are watch face developers and we are facing the same issue after the latest update. Error logs show only errors occurred on the WearOS side and we can not do anything about it. :thinking: