Whats the deal with Bitmap

I made my own font in photoshop, saved it as a PNG, made sure it was the correct size, made my watch face, but no matter if I use their bitmap or mine, pushing it to my watch fails every time.

I’ve made other faces and they work just fine, but when I put a bitmap in, it fails.

What am I doing wrong?

Does it fail to install or does it fail to show on your watch?

If it fails to install then most likely there is an error in the .png file format. like you created a font and named it didn’t convert to .png format

Bitmap images must match exactly or nothing shows so if for example you have for battery percent 30 % as a string in WFS for a text and instead it has 30 in the complication it won’t work.

Try it with a simple image and see if that works and if that does then it probably is something in your bitmap image.

Samsung Developers Relations

It is failing to install. I get the error “Build Fail.”

It is converted correctly. All my other PNG’s work fine on any other build, its just the bitmap that fails. If I use there default, it works. Ive compared the fie extension and all properties and it all looks the same.

Ive used PNGs for watch hands and backgrounds and it builds fine. How do I make sure the png file is correct?

I missed this yesterday…

Often people save the images on the cloud and that is why they don’t work. But I am assuming that isn’t you as you know how to do it and have done this before.

Close WFS and go to
C:\Users{User}\AppData\Roaming\watchfacestudio\dump\main.log You may want to rename it .txt or just delete it so you have a fresh log

Open WFS and try to build your project again. when it fails then save that new log and look at with notepad or some other text editor.

See if you can see exactly what the issue is with the image file. If not upload it and I’ll see if I can find the issue for you.
Redact any personal information if you want but other than your user path I don’t think they have anything personal.


So, here’s a thing. I went and cleared out the cash. I then tried to push the build again to get the error and it pushed successfully.

Not sure if it just need to have the cache cleared or what, but its working.

If it happens again, I’ll post here with the logs

I should have thought of that. I’ll add it to my mental notes for others.

Thanks for the udpate