XCover5 with android 12 not reconnecting to wifi. permanent wifi block

In a professional care environment we’re facing problems with our app running on xcover5 with android 12/13. An xcover5 with android 11 is free of problems. A52 with a13 has also no problems.

Our app is build with React Native (tested from .62 to .68) android api targets 29,30,31, axios for network interconnection and paho for MQTT connection

The problem we’re facing is the next thing:

  1. App is in background / screen is off. (disable battery optimalisation permission is granted to the app)
  2. Get out of the wifi range (device has no SIM)
  3. Get back into the wifi
  4. Device reconnects to wifi
  5. Device has for a few secconds a connection (successful requests)
  6. Wifi stack deadlocks => App is unable to request data

To fix this, we’ve to restart the app OR start a Chrome browser. This results in the reconnect of the data.
There is no reasonable ADB logging.

We’re searching for weeks now, maybe someone at Samsung or in this community has an idea

Hello, this does not seem like a common or known issue.
I would recommend you reach out to the Developer Support Channel and check if they can provide any solution. Keep us posted if you manage to find a solution^^

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